What is the Certified Change Management Professional™?

Are you managing projects? Are you managing people? Do you guide organizations through periods of transformation and change? If so, you work in the discipline of change management.

That's an important role that needs to be acknowledged.

The Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) exists to advance the discipline of change management. Researching the needs of change practitioners worldwide, ACMP identified that an internationally-recognized certification was needed to promote the work that professionals do to help people and organizations adapt to change.

The Certified Change Management Professional (CCMP) was developed for people like YOU!

In support of our members who are seeking to become CCMP certified, the ACMP Texas Chapter is facilitating the formation of local CCMP Study Groups in 2017.   

What’s in it for me?

  • You will be part of a supportive, collaborative study group process and exam prep structured for our Chapter members that are preparing to sit for the Certification of Change Management Professionals exam (CCMP)
  • Improve your chances of successful passage of the CCMP exam by preparing with others, not alone
  • Exclusive access to study group learnings and knowledge base (i.e., flashcard content)
  • Meet and build relationships with other Change Management professionals who are serious about their professional development
  • Learn more at our exclusive CCMP Webinar with Jeff Skipper. [Sign up now]

Study Group Overview:

  • Study groups will meet face-to-face* weekly for 2 hours for at least 9 weeks (see upcoming schedule) in a local public establishment (TBD based on participant geography and numbers)
  • Uses outline of ACMP publication “The Standard” to structure weekly review and study sessions. The “Standard” is the main source of the exam questions.
  • Each group is intended to be self-managed. Each group will determine who and how they will perform weekly roles, including facilitator role and scribe role.
  • Depending on level of interest and geographic location, we will try to form study groups based on geography. If less than 8 are interested, we will typically use a central location for the study group meetings.
  • ACMP Board or Chapter Representative will help administer Study Group formation and facilitate the kick-off the groups in the initial meeting; however, groups are designed to be self-managed after the initial session.
  • Groups are self-managed which means success of the groups will depend on member support
    *There is not currently a virtual study group planned. Please contact us if you are interested in a virtual study group and would like to help start one.

  • Be a paid-up member of ACMP. See www.acmpglobal.org to join.
  • Should already have applied or have been “accepted” to sit for the exam or are at least seriously considering applying to sit for exam prior to joining study group. See www.acmpglobal.org for application information.

Who can participate?

  • Commit to attend weekly study sessions
  • Commit to contribute and participate in discussions – be prepared by doing your weekly study
  • Be willing to support Study Group in a facilitation or scribe role
  • Don’t dominate the discussion – endeavor to have everyone participate
  • Be supportive and respectful of your fellow participants
  • Each group is essentially self-managed. As a result, group success and individual success will be dependent on each person participating fully and contributing in any way needed to support the group’s success. Be ready to be a contributor!

Participant Expectations:

  • If you haven’t already, review myccmp.org- learn about the benefits, application process, exam process, etc. If you’re ready to apply for the exam, go to acmpglobal.org to begin application process.
  • Register for Study Group (coming soon). Once registered:
    1. Review Study Group “Participant Welcome packet” - emailed after you register
    2. Review, and if desired, download either the Cram or Studyblue app to your device or phone. Use this app to upload “standards-based” study terms and definitions sent with your registration.
    3. Print “The Standard” and “Code of Ethics”
    4. Review 1st week’s topics and get ready to learn and have fun!

Ok, I’m interested in joining a Study Group. What next?

Go to www.MyCCMP.org for:

  • Overview and background
  • Application and exam process overview
  • Candidate Handbook
  • ACMP Standards document
  • Key term and concept Flash Cards
  • FAQ’s
  • Fee Information


  • Overview and background
  • Application and exam process overview

For further details contact Harold Goodearle, Director of Professional Development