About our “Knowledge Resource” section

ACMP Texas is pleased to launch our “Knowledge Resource” section of the Chapter website. This section of our website is intended to provide a forum for our membership to share their thoughts and ideas about the knowledge landscape of change management. We will provide content but also keenly seek your contributions of what you think is interesting, informative, and useful content.
In our initial approach we will capture content in one of four categories in order to help you find your way to whatever content may be of interest to you:

ACMP Texas CCMP Study Group

In this section, you will find an overview of what CCMP is and what it means to you.  Also, we will tell you about the planned study groups and give you links to important information.  


Recommended Change Management books, articles, blogs, podcasts, and websites

In this section, you will find Change Management book, blog, podcast, and website recommendations.  Have you read a compelling book recently?  Reviewed an article online?  Send us your recommendations to harold.goodearle@acmptexas.org and say a bit about why you recommend this resource.  

Thoughts on Change Management

Bloggers welcome!   This section is intended as sort of a playground for innovative and out of the box thinking or thought provoking questions.  Provide us your musings, philosophical meanderings, interesting thoughts and pose “what-ifs” related to the art and science of change management.  

Change Management tools and methods

Here the aim is to keep it practical: We will share tested processes and tools, step by step “how to” descriptions, and any useful tips and tricks you have for our Change Management community.

Posted on March 21, 2016 .