Volunteer Opportunities

Want to get involved with ACMP Texas? Check out these opportunities to do more! Have another idea as to how you can help? Contact membership@acmptexas.org and let us know how you can help.

Join the Professional Development Committee

ACMP Texas's Professional Development Committee selects the speakers for the annual conference (2-3 hours May 20 - June 1) and coaches the speakers to prepare them for the event (3-5 hours from June 1 - September 7).

Contact development@acmptexas.org to volunteer.

Join the Communications Committee

Want to be the official Twit of ACMP Texas? We need volunteers to run our social media accounts, edit our Website and help us communicate better with you.

Contact marketing@acmptexas.org to volunteer.

Be A Speaker

Volunteer to speak at a regional meeting or at the ACMP Texas conference. 

Contact development@acmptexas.org to volunteer.

Host a Regional Event

Host a meeting in Austin, Houston, North Texas or San Antonio. Hosting can be as simple as picking location, date and time. As a host, you also have the option to pick the speaker or program or you can the regional director handle that for you.

Contact the regional director near you for more details.





Join the Conference Committee

Volunteers are needed to help make the ACMP Texas Conference a success. Assist the events director, work the registration desk, help setup for the event and more. Volunteer opportunities are available before and during the conference.

Contact events@acmptexas.org to volunteer.

Join the Board

ACMP Board members are elected annually in April for two-year terms. The call for nominations opens in March with half of the board up for election each year. If you are interested in joining, contact elections@acmptexas.org to learn more.

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