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Innovation Elegance: How A People-Centric Methodology Improves the Job Market

  • Tue, July 16, 2024
  • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Zoom - Virtual Event



Sponsored by ACMP Texas Houston (Angela Middleton, Houston Regional Director)

Exploring Transformative Change Series - Event #4

Summary / Description

After two decades of software-centric methodologies, innovation teamwork has some big problems. Communication traffic jams discourage companies from pursuing all the innovation work they could pursue. The congestion and friction discourage companies from hiring all the innovation workers they could use.

An obsession with speed has caused meeting gridlock, messaging overload, and the communication traffic jams. This session shows how an obsession with synchronization is what companies need to achieve speed, improved project success rates, and an improved employee experience. An obsession with synchronization will improve companies’ confidence in their projects and their people. An obsession with synchronization will improve the job market. An obsession with synchronization is a people-centric methodology.

This session shows how small changes to familiar concepts shapes innovation teams to be obsessed with synchronization. These changes raise a team’s discipline and empathy, simplify messy project plans, and convert your organization’s communication traffic jams into an orchestra.


 How to improve on the RACI and structure a team into a healthy rhythm of durable decisions

 Thoughtful templates are small hinges that swing large doors (of culture)

 How the performing arts give you a collaborative advantage

 Obsessing with synchronization and easing traffic jams will improve companies confidence to increase levels of innovation and hiring

Speaker Bio

Robert Snyder is the founder and president of Innovation Elegance, LLC. Robert’s thirty-year career spans roles such as developer, project management, change management, sales enablement, and the performing arts. His career path includes corporate roles, consulting roles, startups, PMP, and Agile certifications. He has performed in numerous vocal, dance, and theater ensembles. Robert earned his BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois and his MBA in Strategy from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Robert is publishing a trilogy for a people-centric methodology. “Innovation Elegance: Transcending Agile with Ruthlessness and Grace” became available January 1. “Innovation Portfolio: Five Verbs Shape Your Team’s Legacy” aims to be available around May 1. In 2025, he aims to publish, “Elegant Leadership: Distinguishing the Good, the Bad, the False.”

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